lunes, 1 de febrero de 2010

My favourites from Urban Outfitters

Last weekend I had a stay-at-home weekend and could surf the net from head to toe. Hence, I'll start a series to cope with the lovely stuff I came across in every online shop. To start, here they are my favourite from Urban Outfitters.

Urban outfitters 2
I'm obsessed with nude colour and I do need a tapestry bag.

urban outfitters 1
I'm decided to wear navy stripes and socks with sandals this season.

Urban outfitters 3
The nerd glasses are the perfect accessory for the vintage style of this skirt.

I love this shop. You can find there so many vintage-inspired pieces! Do you like it?


Como este finde he interneteado tanto, esta semana voy a enseñaros mis favoritos que hay en las tiendas online estos días. Empiezo por Urban Outfitters, una tienda que me encanta. A vosotros os gusta?

9 comentarios:

  1. Kristen in Atlanta1/2/10

    Absolutely love the socks with sandals idea for spring. Lace trimmed anklets are so pretty. Pretty dress.

  2. I haven´t yet encouraged to buy anything online, I´ll be aware of these recommendations.

  3. Por favor, no te pongas calcetines con sandalias!!!

  4. Lástima que haya hecho este verano uan limpieza a fondo porque juraría que por mi casa había algún calcetinito semejante.

    Eso te lo habías ahorrado.

  5. Kristen, so do I! Thanks for your comment.

    Surfvintage, pues hala, a comprar!

    Vaya Nuria, tendré que comprarlos, con lo poco que me gusta comprar!... jajaja

    Bea, está decidido, lo siento!

    Lisbeth, you should take advantage of our experience ;)!

  6. Me encantan!!

    Ojala usara gafas para poder ponerme esas!

    Un beso!

  7. Anónimo20/5/10


    It is my first time here. I just wanted to say hi!

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