martes, 7 de julio de 2009

That girl who lived at the airport

Tomorrow I have to work a thousand kilometres from home, so I'm just packing my suitcase to fly to Africa again... See you there!


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  1. Precioso el vestido y las cuñas una monada, asi que de vuelta a Melilla, espero que sea leve la vuelta al trabajo :)


  2. Whereabouts are you going? Anywhere near my homeland? :) Have a great trip!

  3. Eso suena muy bien... dónde vas?

  4. I like very much the dress and the shoes.

    Gradually, your photos are more beautiful and you have changed the same wall.


  5. Esas cuñas!
    Dime ahora mismo de donde son!!!

  6. B*, primeros saludos desde Melilla! ;)

    A cat of impossible colour, it's nothing so interesting! I'm from the north of spain but I've beeb living for a year in a Spanish city in the north of Africa because of work.

    Maria, trabajo (y vivo, claro) en Melilla!

    Lina, thank you. The white wall is in Melilla and this picture was taken in Saragossa. This is my room in my mum's house.

    Démo, señor, sí señor! Blanco. 12 cm.

  7. Anda si eres mañicaaaaaaaaaa. Com lo que me gusta a mi el ese acentooooooo.


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