viernes, 29 de mayo de 2009

Shopping attitudes

I don't really have a way of doing when shopping. In fact, I think I have two.

The first one: The more, the better.

Sometimes I bought as much as I'm able to. I love visiting flea markets, thrifting whatever I find for a few euros and mix-and-matching to get my best outfit. I enjoy sales, finding bargains and clearance racks. When I'm in this attitude, I end up purchasing many new items in a short period of time and for a (let's say) reasonable amount of money.

In this way I have collected amazing bags or skirts like this, all them which I adore, but I have also bought many other things I really don't die for, like this jacket I've never worn much. Of course I had a good time and I've managed to have a large wardrobe, so that's enough.

Ankle strap shoes
I paid 5 € for these shoes and they've been worn a couple of times.

The second one: Better quality than quantity.

Whenever I'm fed up with shopping 'rubish' and I realize I do not need anything (or I'll need a new house if I don't give up shopping), I just start with this second way, which consists of not buying much but certain garments which I consider basics or I know I'll use for ages. Just one delicious thing that I know I will enjoy. A not-so-cheap vintage dress. A wool black skirt that flatters me above all. A basic blouse which I`ll wear with everything. A couple of things for a long term. Sometimes they are expensive (others they are not), but I don't mind since I know they worth it. In this way, I usually spend less money (because I buy less stuff) and enjoy every garment as if it was the only one. 

That's the way I did when buying this skirt I wear here, here, here, here and whenever I don't know what to dress up. Other examples: my gym bag, the patent belt I'd wear everyday or that dress I'll never get rid of.

Pink and green
These are my favourite jeans. I don't really wear them often, 
just because I feel better in dresses/skirts. Some time ago I
  gave up owning 20 pairs of jeans to have just three: a pair of 
skinny,  a pair of black jeans and these by miss sixty whose 
original price was 145 € and I bought for 60 €. It was 
four years ago and I do know it was a good invest.

I really mix both attitudes when shopping... As soon as I have used one of them for long, I just need to change to the opposite. And of course, I find some terms of scrimping and saving absolutely necessary so as to love shopping and to feel it as a gift.

What about you and your shopping experience?

6 comentarios:

  1. Wow! A very interesting post but a bit long for me. Dont´t worry, I have a friend called that help me with the translations.

    I usually buy the clothes I like in shops but recently I have discovered the street market where I buy gargains for a little money.

    I have visited occasionally your flickr but I don´t associate with your blog.


  2. Yo voy básicamente en rebajas. Puedes recomendarme algún sitio de Barcelona que conozcas?

    Quería escribir in english, pero otra vez será, me han llamao

  3. Yo un poco como tú.
    Para mí el subidón es el hallazgo. Ir a comprar algo con una idea en mente no me gusta y casi nunca lo hago, a no ser que se trate de un básico.
    Yo voy al centro a hacer un recado y me doy una pasadita por las tiendas a ver lo que pillo.
    Rara vez compro a precio original y cada vez me aburren más las tiendas de ropa nueva.
    Es mucho más divertido y emocionante comprar en rastros o tiendas de segunda mano, pues además de ser cosas únicas, nunca saber lo que vas a encontrar.
    Besos dominicales (y castos)

  4. Lina, wordreference is not a true friend!!! :P
    Y esa nómina es de gestión, en melilla, y de algo más de un mes, jajaja, casi me muero de risa cuando vi tu comentario, jajaja. A estudiar!

    Xavi, no estoy muy puesta en sitios de compras en bcn. Sí hay una tienda de antigüedades que me gusta, visitilla obligada, se llama L'arca de l'avia y está en el gótico...
    acabo de buscar la dire: banys nous, 20
    parece friki pero es un sitio de cosas chulas.

    Démo, lo de casto no te pega nada, jajajaj.

  5. Grasia,me suena la tienda. Tomo nota.

  6. I have in the past wasted alot of money of low quality heap items from the mall. Now I tend to search at the thrift and clothing swaps for quality pieces always checking fabric content for natural fibres and also checking for condition, no stains or unfixable rips and pulls. I also go to the mall for staples and basics, and spend more money on quality underwear and swimsuits than anything else.


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