jueves, 16 de abril de 2009

New York outfits

I'm back home from New York, so today my outfits will be

queueing (or should I say 'lining'? :P) in Battery park

Outfit 9th April, 2009

from the top of the Empire State Building

Outfit 10th April, 2009

visiting the American Museum of Natural History (that one where Ross Geller used to work :P)

Outfit 12th April, 2009

in front of the Guggenheim

Outfit 12th April, 2009

or having breakfast at Tiffany's! ;)

Outfit 13th April, 2009

I have madly fallen in love with the city and cannot wait to go again.

And now I'm going to sleep for two days! Next week I'll show you my NY purchases and some other cute things.

5 comentarios:

  1. Soy nuevo en la blogsfera dedicada a la moda y a determinado tipo especial de moda. Me gusta tu blog, en contenido y en todo en general.
    Me algro que haya ido bien el viaje. que tengas dulces sueños,

  2. those outfits are adorable, that modified tee is so cute!!! I fell in love with New York too.

  3. Ohhhh que envidia!!! Tengo ganas de ver todas tus compras, y pon mas fotos para ponernos los dientes largos!!!!


  4. Bienvenida a casa!
    Se te ve cómoda pero muy guapa en todos los estilismos.

  5. omg I love every single one of these outfits!!


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