domingo, 5 de abril de 2009

Comfy shoes

In two days I'll be flying to New York and I'm so excited that I've already started to pack my suitcase.

I'd like to dress my highest, I need something comfortable though. That's why I've been analizing my shoe wardrobe...

First, let me show this pair of heels I bought at the flea market one month ago or so for just 5 euro. They were a bargain and absolutely stunning... but I can't wear these wonderful shoes, they are whatever but comfy!

High heels

On the other hand, these are the more comfortable shoes I own. I was given by my workmates when I left the court where I used to work. They are flat and leather made. They will be definitely visiting New York with César, Ava and me. :)

The comfiest

5 comentarios:

  1. Puff, no me hables de zapatos incómodos... ayer se me ocurrió ir a un concierto de metal, en el que estuve de pie dos horas... con tacones de aguja de 12 centímetros!! Aunque tienen algo de plataforma, pero aún así acabé reventada... si es que estoy loca jaja
    Así que tú mejor llevate calzado cómodo para patear Nueva York... por cierto qué envidia me das, mi sueño desde que tengo uso de razón es ir a EEUU, sobre todo a Nueva York

    1 beso!

  2. Oh wow, those shoes are amazing!! I so want to go to NY and can't wait to hear from you all about it :)

  3. FashionFreak, a quien se le ocurre!!!! jaja. Con este argumento me has convencido definitivamente y he sacado hasta los oxford con tacón de la maleta, hala. Te cuento sobre NY a la vuelta, qué nerviosssss. ;)))))))))

    Pretty Little Pictures, I'm glad that you like them! I'll tell you about NY as soon as I am back, of course! :D

  4. Girl, you are smart. Comfy shoes a must for an nYc trip.

  5. ps. did you enter the giveaway on my blog yet? Style Symmetry Giveaway


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