jueves, 26 de marzo de 2009

Mysterious dress

There is a strange phenomenon that makes difficult to make a picture of this dress... The same (crappy) camera and 8.30 am as usual, as such pictures often are. But this colours are difficult to photograph!! Trust me, it was much better 'in the flesh'!

Outfit 25th March, 2009

Mini beret fascinator: knitted by Démo
Dress: ebay vintage
Belt: h&m
Bag: etsy vintage
Socks: flea market
Heels: local store
Shoe clips: etsy vintage 

By the way, since I live in this small town, everybody looks at me and my outfits. I really do not mind, because I know they have not seen much in live. :PPP But I'm so tired of not being anonymous, that as soon as I step New York, I will put on everything together. Did I told you I'm visiting NY in some days??? I'm just dreaming of that picture in front of Tiffany's... LOL

3 comentarios:

  1. I know exactely what you are talking about.
    I lived in that small town too, I was 14, had black clothes, tatoos and Dr Martens boots.
    Believe me, it was not easy...

    You look beautiful in that dress!

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh un vestido precioso, tenias que ver con que cara me miran a mi, jejejejeje. Por eso me gusta el mundo blogeril porque encontramos a otros de nuestra misma especie, jejejeje.Te doy un 10, y me encanta el bolso, que buscas en etsy, vintage bag??
    Por cierto, te vas a NY????


  3. Démo, I can't imagine that look on you! XDDD

    B*, en etsy hay menos cosas que en ebay, asi que mejor buscar acotando poco. En este estaba buscando un doctor bag y eso es lo que puse. Y sí, me voy a niuuuuuu yooooork. :)


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