viernes, 13 de febrero de 2009

Zippers and leopard

Yesterday I did an exam and as soon as I had finished my comment on the Sonnet by Shakespeare (:P) I went to Zara to celebrate!

I bought this blazer with red leopard details that I think I will wear it much.

Outfit 13th February, 2009
Blazer: zara
White top with zippers: thrifted
Bag: asos
Harem pants: zara
Heels (worn with vintage bow clips): local store

By the way, I got this top for 1 euro some months ago, and now I find it's so trendy with those zippers. As for the shoes, I was told at the court today that they are so Minnie Mouse's! :))

2 comentarios:

  1. I love the blazer mixed with red shoes. :-)
    oh and yes, etsy going okay, ordered a couple accessories already, posted about a dress I wasn't sure about as seller has zero feedback. Thanks.

  2. Chata, eres monísima.
    Ya te pongo en mis enlaces, aunque de momento parece haber un problema con tu blog y no se ve.


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