martes, 17 de febrero de 2009

Superb legs

If there is something I try to with every outfit, that's making my legs look longer and slimmer. I don't like my legs at all, so I try to get their best. 

Through my outfit pics, I've realized I don't like wearing mini skirts. They make me look... let's say 'not very slim'! :P Thus, I try to wear knee length skirts/dresses like this or this.

At the same time, I usually wear black tights, as they are definitely the most suitable for my plump legs. That's why I didn't like this or this.

I have also some tips to get the optical effect of longer legs, such as wearing tights which are the same colour as the shoes (like here or here), or wearing leggings in the way I wear them today:

Outfit 17th January, 2009

Of course, high heels are obligatory. And these are stunning!:

New shoes and vintage shoe clips

To sum up, I need to say that sometimes I do not follow these rules and wear white tights or flat shoes or whatever not so flattering just because I feel like and I don't mind what anyone thinks... that's me!

7 comentarios:

  1. Me apunto todos tus trucos, el último de los leggins no lo conocía. Me gusta mucho cómo te sientan!

  2. Your legs are fabulous and perfect, please do not dislike them anymore, I insist it!!

  3. Muy buenos tus consejos. Tus outfits tambien me han gustado mucho, pero lo que mas esos preciosisimos zapatos rojos. Me podrías decir donde los has comprado?

  4. Gracias todoestilo, apunto tu web.

    Eyeliah, I promise I won't complain anymore! ;)

    Criss, son de una tienda de cutrezapatos de melilla, aunque fue un buen hallazgo y los lazos son del año chispún comprados en etsy mucho antes de saber que encontraría unos zapatos exáctamente iguales! (y ahora me voy a visitarte)

  5. Alucino con lo de los zapatos, te han quedado de lujo!!!


  6. Yo tb he probado los leggins así, pero sigo siendo de medias.
    Otro truco para que las piernas parezcan más largas en las fotos es poner la cámara a la altura de las rodillas.
    Un beso

  7. Bu Demo, eso ya lo daba por supuesto jajaja.


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