domingo, 15 de febrero de 2009

Etsy dresses

Now that you know my way on etsy, I will show you my recent favourites. Let's see:

This wonderful sailor dress (not mentioning the blury picture and the skeletal legs of the model :S) that I found a week ago is getting me crazy:


In this
plaid dress I would feel like a real 60s girl:


This dress has the perfect white collar and after some shortening would become a treasure in my wardrobe for sure:


A pale blue gingham dress is perfect for the upcoming summer:

A fifties dress must be always in my list, this one is gorgeus:

And what about this? It has the perfect shape!:


This dress has a lovely colour and I love it!:


And this is a pin up flowered dress I have been watching for long:

Do you like them? I would buy all them... "if I were a richman..."

I mention neither pricey stuff nor larger sizes... All these are good deals in a small size... I don't know how long I will be able to resist...

6 comentarios:

  1. Pero si eres una monada de chica y tienes mucho estilo!
    Cómo no había yo descubierto este blog antes?
    Un beso

  2. Vengo directita del blog de Demo, jejeje, muy buena pinta tiene tu blog, solo un pero, no te damos pena las que somos nulas en ingles??? jejeje.
    Voy a seguir cotilleando ;)


  3. Gracias mujeres!

    Démo tus piropos me dan hasta vergüenza! ^^

    Sister B*, como soy una blogger algo autista escribo en inglés pa irlo practicando y mejorando y no aspiro a que nadie me lea jeje... los modelitos seguro que los entiendes: Bershka, Zara, Ebay, Vintage... jajaja... por cierto, que a vosotras también os sigo!

    Bueno, espero que os guste. Besos.

  4. Oh, wow - all so beautiful! I especially love the 60s plaid one.

    You have amazing style! I love it. :)

    A xx

  5. The plaid is my fav too, thanks for the links.

  6. Thanks girls, you're always so kind!

    And hey, I love your blogs!!


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