martes, 10 de febrero de 2009

Dear reader,

Eyeliah, who is so far my unique reader as I've kept this blog secret, asked me some time ago for some tips so as to find good vintage on etsy. I really don't know what's the difference between searching on etsy or on ebay, but I will try to tell her (you) my experience.

When I search for something on etsy, first of all I select 'vintage: tags, titles'. Then I feel at home, let's vintage anita! (that's what I say to myself, LOL).

Secondly, I try to be less restrictive than in an ebay search: I don't look for '50s vintage dress full', I write just 'dress' instead. Don't worry, on etsy there won't be 160,000 results if you write dress without any adjective.

Thirdly, I don't select sort by price, as there is no bidding and the most interesting things available will probably be the latest listed.

After that, whenever I see an interesting item, I link to the shop/seller in order to see everything he/she has available, just in the same way I would do on ebay.

I really love etsy because I don't have to bid or wake up at 4 am to win a bid in the last minute! No more stress, that is the goal. Besides, people is much more friendly and prices could be (not always) more reasonable.

Just with these rules I have recently found amazing items like this doctor bag:

doctor bag

Any question, darling? ;)

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