lunes, 22 de diciembre de 2008

New year's eve outfit

Finally I have some plans for new year's eve. I'm going to a 'private' party, crowded with fashionable people, oh yeah! :P There will be a red carpet (made of paper, I think!) and a polaroid to take an instant pic of everyone's arrival. It's compulsory to wear a hat and something pink... 

After this, I didn't listen anymore: A hat? Something pink? How am I going to dress up???!!

I've been thinking of the dress I wore last year. Since I was in Portugal with other people, no one will notice if I wear it again. It's a grey chiffon party dress from h&m I've worn twice:

I would wear it with a vintage tail tuxedo jacket I purchased on ebay some months ago, and this bag so in the style of agyness deyn which I have recently bought from asos:

And of course I should step the red carpet in my favourite (and most comfortable) grey patent heels...

Now I just need to find a pair of stunning pink socks and some amazing hat to complete the agyness deyn-ish look and the compulsory rulesssssssssss...

Well, it's just an idea, we'll see!

** The pic of the union jack bag is from asos and the one of the tuxedo jacket from google (I don't have any of my jacket, it's similar to that though)**

2 comentarios:

  1. What a great New Years look!! I didn't know you had a blog, adding you to my google reader.

  2. thank you, i didn't wear finally this outfit though! And thanks for the add too. :)


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