miércoles, 31 de diciembre de 2008

Asos raid

Lately I've been too much into asos. Since a couple of months ago that I finally shopped a pair of shoes, I haven't been able to stop searching and finding. It's a great site, they have really good service and stunning items. Prices are acceptable and sales are amazing; besides, the pound is such a good deal now!!!

My latest (but not last) purchase has been to take one's breath away. A pair of leather boots I had fallen in love with, some oxford shoes in brown since I needed them desperately, two stunning party skirts I will mix and match with casual clothes and will wear daily, a small black leather bag so comfy to go out and about, and a skinny bow belt I already own in red and adore with full dresses. All this stuff for just 92 euro. Amazing!

Brown leather boots:

Brown leather oxford shoes:

Pink skirt with bow:

Black and blue party skirt:

Black leather bag:

Bow belt:

Winter sales have already begun, yeahhhhhh!!!!

 To be continued...  :)))))

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